Best Advice For First Time Visitors To The Outer Banks

We asked the question, What 1 piece of advice would you tell someone vacationing on the Outer Banks for the first time? Here’s ten things I’ve been told before.

  • Climb Jockey’s Ridge in early evening just before dusk….ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  • Plan nothing. Enjoy everything. Life is in low gear in the OBX
  • If you drive on the beach, be sure to lower your tire pressure!!
  • Drive from one end of the island to the other, it’s an absolutely beautiful drive.
  • Check out the wild horses on the 4-wheel drive beaches
  • Take the rip currents very seriously.
  • Stop by the visitors center and pick up all the free magazines. Let the coupons help you figure out what your family wants to do. We have been coming to the OBX for 20+ years, my kids are now 13 and 21, they still insist on stopping to get the mags!
  • Enjoy sunrises, sunsets, the food, the atmosphere, the smells, the shops, the people and all of the beauty of it either alone or with someone. It’s worth the experience and you’ll want to go back again and again!
  • Get up before dawn and sit on the beach for the sunrise. And then, not necessarily the same day, go to the bayside and watch the sunset. Majestic and serene, all at once.