The Outer Banks is an exciting place to consider buying a home. It is such a beautiful area and full of opportunities for home ownership. Whether you are looking to purchase a primary home, vacation home, or investment home.

Searching for an Outer Banks Home

Many unique opportunities exist to own a home or condo in the Outer Banks. Often the hardest part is determining what area you would like to live in and home much you are planning on spending. If is going to be a year round home, you may want to consider areas that are home to a greater percentage of year round residents.

Browsing the listings is a great way to become familiar with what is available in the Outer Banks, but when you are ready to weigh the investment potential of each home or condo it can begin to become difficult, and then it is often advisable to have a local professional working for you.

Steps to Buying A Home on the Outer Banks

What a great day heading to a walkthrough, with a client who’s closing on a property. This is the last process prior to go over, before signing the closing papers.

Of course, it takes many steps to get there I’d like to briefly touch on those with you today. The first thing we always do is meet with the lender.

    • I connect my folks with several lenders, make sure they qualify at the price point that they’re thinking.
    • Then we go look at the properties.
    • Write an offer, negotiate the offer, and get the contract.
    Then the big tasks kick in.
      • I’ll help you with ordering home inspections
      • I’ll help connect you with a local attorney. Which is important as they, can help explain any encumbrances that may be attached to the property.
      • We investigate title to make sure it’s clear and clean
      • Then we look at ordering up a survey.
      • Then, We connect them with insurance providers.

Home Inspection Process

This is one of the most important processes of buying a house. Hiring a local insured licensed home inspectors that can overview the property for you, is extremely important.

They dig pretty deep and find out if there’s any big issues that you’d have to deal with. They also find out things about heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and if there is an issue, we take it the next step. I’ll help you get there. We’ll hire a local contractor specific to that field of expertise.

Home owners that are selling, they need to cooperate on levels with a buyer if a significant issue comes up. Basically, you have to look at things that, if they’re operating as intended, that’s great. If not, we have something to talk about. It’s in seller’s best interest to perform repairs to keep a contract alive.

Meeting With Property Managers

If it’s rent the property we work towards meeting with the rental property management company, so they fully understand their processes. And in some cases, these folks like to enhance the property. They might want to add the deck or perhaps bump out a wall or a room.

Many times this happens when folks buy a house. They look to enhance a property a little bit. I can connect them with some local contractors, get some prices and get that job done prior to the rental season kicking in.