OBX Shred Fest: A Celebration of Inclusion and Community Spirit

The OBX Shred Fest, held annually at the Soundside Event Site in Nags Head, is much more than a sports and music festival. It’s a vibrant celebration that brings the community together, supporting veterans and individuals with special needs while promoting inclusion and respect for all.

The Roots and Evolution of the Festival

The OBX Shred Fest, organized by Dare2Care OBX, initially started as a blend of extreme sports and music. Lisa Brickhouse, a key figure in its organization, was driven by her passion for music and her commitment to working with special needs individuals in Dare County.

The festival, initially considered to be named OBX Games, eventually took on the title of Dare2Care OBX Shred Fest to avoid confusion with the X Games. This choice underlines the festival’s unique identity: a combination of shredding on skateboards, bikes, and ramps, and shredding stereotypes related to special needs and veterans.

The name is a nod to the varied ‘shredding’ activities, and despite some thinking it relates to paper shredding, it’s really about breaking barriers and celebrating diverse talents.

Highlights of the Festival

The OBX Shred Fest stands out for its dynamic mix of activities:

  • Veteran Honoring Ceremony: A pivotal aspect of the festival, honoring local veterans and celebrating their service.
  • Music Performances: Featuring a variety of bands and artists, the festival offers a rich musical experience. Key performances include The OBX Shredders, an inclusive rock band, and headline acts like Big Al Staggs, known for his energetic performances.
  • Extreme Sports: Attendees witness exhilarating BMX and skateboarding demonstrations, with professional athletes performing awe-inspiring tricks.
  • Inclusive Activities: The festival ensures activities suitable for all, including a family fun zone with arts, crafts, and games, reflecting its commitment to inclusivity.
  • Community Participation: Local artisans, civic organizations, and various non-profits participate, making it a comprehensive community event.

Impact and Legacy

The OBX Shred Fest transcends being just an event; it’s a movement that fosters community spirit and inclusivity. The festival supports free music programs for special needs individuals and veterans through partnerships like the Motu Music Foundation. It also serves as a platform for various community groups and non-profits to showcase their work and engage with the public.

Supporting the Cause

The festival offers various ticket options, catering to adults, veterans, active military, and families. It also provides opportunities for volunteers and sponsors to contribute to its success and growth.


The OBX Shred Fest is more than a day of music and sports; it’s a testament to the power of community, inclusion, and the transformative impact of music and sports. As a blog topic, it offers a rich narrative about community spirit, the importance of supporting veterans and special needs individuals, and the joy of collective celebration.

For more detailed information about the OBX Shred Fest, visit the official website