Which Do You Prefer Sunrise Or Sunset?

Being a nearly 30 year resident of the Outer Banks I have come to enjoy the naturalness of the area. The beaches, of course, bring most to a relaxed state of mind and the biggest reason why folks choose to live or own a second home here. Whether it is a walk along the shore in the fall or winter, or sunbathing and soaking in the warm surf waters in the summer there is much to enjoy on the Outer Banks beaches.

The big water views that folks think of here are about the ocean, first. While most vacationers sleep in (who wouldn’t when no alarms need to be set!) some get up early enough to see a glorious sunrise. It begins most times with the soft hue of purples that move to a deep blue.

This all depends on the amount of clouds and humidity in the air. Eventually, the sky gives way to golden yellows but not before the oranges gleam from the horizon. The early seabirds lazily skim along the shore looking for an easy meal and, if lucky, one may see some porpoises starting out on their morning hunts.

Now for the sunsets. Most folks can enjoy an evening sunset over the Albermarle, Currituck and Pamlico Sound. And, most people are awake for this, too! From the high bluffs on Colington Island to mainland Currituck to Jockey’s Ridge State Park one can sit and take in the magnificence of an OBX Sunset.

The sound and marsh front areas that sit in the low lands that face west have some views that dreams are made of. What many folks don’t see are the spectacular fall and winter sunsets when the humidity is low. The colors that expand the sky are just so crisp.

I once witnessed a sunset over the Albermarle and to the east, low in the sky was a moon rise! That was so awe inspiring……no words.

If you decide to set the alarm for 6:00 AM or so and get to the beach for sunrise or seek out a west facing big water view for a sunset it may bring you one of the finest memories of your life!