Outer Banks vs. Myrtle Beach

When planning your next getaway, the choice between the serene Outer Banks (OBX) and the lively Myrtle Beach might seem like a toss-up. Both destinations offer miles of beautiful beaches, unique attractions, and memorable experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a pet-friendly vacation, we’ve got … Read more

Trying to Cook Breakfast on the Beach

Drawing inspiration from the rich culinary traditions and local ingredients of the Outer Banks, a beach breakfast could be an extraordinary experience that combines the simplicity of outdoor cooking with the unique flavors of the region. Whether you’re starting your day with the sun rising over the Atlantic or enjoying a leisurely morning on the … Read more

Celebrating Local Talent: Highlights from the 46th Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show

The Outer Banks has long been a beacon for artists, drawing inspiration from its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant community. The Frank Stick Memorial Art Show, now in its 46th year, stands as a testament to this thriving artistic spirit. This year’s exhibition, hosted by Dare Arts, showcased an eclectic array of talent that captivated art … Read more

How to Capture Stunning Beach Photos

a woman sitting on the beach at sunset

Beaches are one of the most picturesque locations for photography. The sun-kissed sand, the sparkling water, and the vibrant atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for capturing stunning photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, here are some tips to help you take the best photos on the beach. 1. Timing is everything … Read more

February Weather Alert: Preparing for Gale-Force Winds and High Surf in the Outer Banks

The National Weather Service has issued a warning for strong gale-force northerly winds and a high surf advisory for the Outer Banks, effective from February 24th through February 26th. Residents and visitors are strongly urged to take necessary precautions as these conditions can pose significant risks. Here are a few safety tips to consider during … Read more

Minimalist Packing Tips for an OBX Beach Vacation

woman sits on brown wooden beach chair

Planning a beach vacation to the Outer Banks (OBX) is exciting, but packing for it can sometimes be overwhelming. The key to stress-free travel is adopting a minimalist approach to packing. By packing only the essentials, you can simplify your vacation and focus on enjoying the beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. Here are some tips … Read more

Ahoy Mateys! Join the Fun at the Outer Banks Pirate Festival

Set sail for adventure at the Outer Banks Pirate Festival, happening on August 7th and 8th in Nags Head. This two-day extravaganza is a perfect blend of historical intrigue and family fun, promising swashbuckling good times for both young buccaneers and seasoned sea dogs. Embrace Your Inner Pirate The Pirate Festival is a fantastic way … Read more

The Best Things to Do in the Outer Banks for Couples

ocean waves under cloudy sky during daytime

Introduction The Outer Banks, located off the coast of North Carolina, is a picturesque destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and romantic experiences. Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, anniversary trip, or simply a romantic getaway, the Outer Banks has plenty to offer. Let’s explore the best things to do in the Outer … Read more