Catch the Action: WRV Outer Banks Pro Surfing Competition

Surf’s up! From August 28th to September 1st, the WRV Outer Banks Pro invites you to witness some of the most talented surfers in the region and the world at this prestigious surfing competition in Nags Head.

The Surfing Spectacle

The WRV Outer Banks Pro is an annual highlight for surfing enthusiasts. Set against the stunning backdrop of Nags Head’s beaches, this event showcases incredible talent and skill, as surfers battle the waves and each other for top honors.

A Wave of History

This event has grown to become one of the most anticipated surfing competitions on the East Coast. It not only celebrates the sport but also the unique surfing culture of the Outer Banks, a region known for its excellent waves and passionate surfing community.

Community and Competition

The WRV Outer Banks Pro is more than just a competition; it’s a gathering of the surfing community, including local businesses, sponsors, and fans. The event provides an exciting atmosphere for spectators and a challenging platform for competitors.

When Visiting

Attending the WRV Outer Banks Pro? Here are some great local dining options that are family and pet-friendly:

  1. Basnight’s Lone Cedar Café: Offering fresh, locally-sourced seafood with beautiful waterfront views.
  2. Tortugas’ Lie: A lively spot known for its Caribbean flair and diverse menu that’s sure to please everyone.
  3. Blue Moon Beach Grill: A casual yet eclectic eatery with a wide array of American cuisine choices, perfect for a relaxed meal after a day at the beach.


The WRV Outer Banks Pro is a must-see for anyone who loves surfing or wants to experience the thrill of top-level competitive surfing. It’s an event where you can witness athletic prowess, enjoy the beach atmosphere, and immerse yourself in the local surf culture.