Sky High Wonders: Wright Kite Festival in Kill Devil Hills

Prepare to be awestruck at the Wright Kite Festival, taking place on July 19th and 20th at the historical Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. This 46th annual festival is not just about kite flying; it’s a celebration of aviation history and family fun under the summer sky.

Celebrating Aviation Where It All Began

The Wright Kite Festival offers an extraordinary experience at the birthplace of aviation. As you walk through the Wright Brothers Memorial, you’ll be transported back to the momentous day when the Wright brothers achieved the first successful flight. The festival adds to this historical journey with a stunning display of kites of all shapes and sizes soaring high above.

A Spectacle of Kites

The festival features gigantic kites flown by professional kite flyers, creating a mesmerizing dance in the sky. Attendees can also participate by flying their own kites. The event is perfect for photography enthusiasts and families looking for a unique experience.

Family-Friendly Activities

In addition to kite flying, the festival includes kite-making workshops and flying demonstrations. These activities offer fun learning experiences for children and adults alike, making it a perfect family outing.

When Visiting

If you’re heading to the Wright Kite Festival, take the opportunity to explore the local culinary scene. Here are some family and pet-friendly restaurants near the Wright Brothers Memorial:

  • Awful Arthur’s Oyster Bar: A popular seafood spot offering a delightful range of dishes. It’s a great place to enjoy fresh oysters and other seafood delicacies.
  • Kill Devil Grill: Known for its American cuisine, this place combines a cozy atmosphere with delicious food, perfect for families.
  • The Saltbox Cafe: Offering a fusion of American and seafood dishes, this cafe is ideal for those looking for a unique dining experience.

The Wright Kite Festival is more than just kites; it’s a celebration of history, creativity, and family fun. It offers a unique way to experience the legacy of the Wright Brothers while enjoying the beauty of kites in flight. Don’t forget to explore the nearby dining options to make your visit even more enjoyable!”