Private Flights

Booking Your Private Flight to the Outer Banks

Discover the ultimate travel convenience and luxury by flying privately to the Outer Banks (OBX). Whether you’re planning an opulent getaway, an unforgettable wedding, or a distinctive family reunion, arriving on a private plane offers unparalleled efficiency, comfort, and elegance.

Below, we detail the process of booking your flight, underscore the benefits, and provide practical advice for a seamless travel experience.

Why Fly Private to the Outer Banks?

Efficiency and Convenience

Private flying stands out for its smooth, efficient travel experience, allowing you to bypass the long lines and wait times at commercial airports. With direct flights from your location to the heart of the Outer Banks, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free start to your trip.

Time Savings: A Closer Look

One of the most significant advantages of flying private is the considerable time saved, especially when compared to driving from regional airports or navigating through commercial flight connections. For example:

  • From Norfolk International Airport (ORF): Driving from Norfolk to the Outer Banks can take upwards of 2 hours or more, depending on your destination within the OBX. In contrast, a private flight can reduce this travel time by more than half, landing you directly into the islands and saving precious hours of your vacation.
  • From Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU): The drive from RDU to the Outer Banks typically takes about 3 to 4 hours. A direct private flight can cut this journey to a fraction of the time, providing you with more leisure time upon arrival.

These time savings are even more pronounced if you’re coming from locations that would require connecting flights when flying commercially. With private flights, you eliminate layovers and directly reach your destination, maximizing your stay in the Outer Banks.

Flexible Scheduling

Tailor your travel itinerary to your preferences. Private flights offer the flexibility to choose your departure times and make last-minute changes, ensuring your travel plans align perfectly with your schedule.

Access to Local Airports

The Outer Banks is serviced by several local airports and airstrips perfectly suited for private aircraft, allowing you to land closer to your final destination and reducing additional travel time upon arrival.

Privacy and Comfort

Enjoy the exclusivity and comfort of your own plane. Whether you’re traveling solo, with family, or hosting guests, a private flight ensures a personalized and tranquil journey to the Outer Banks.