Whalehead Club

The Whalehead Club, located in Corolla, is perhaps the Outer Banks most unique structure. This amazing sound front property has a history of its own. From a school for boys to a testing ground for solid rocket fuel.

The Whalehead Club was the vision of Edward Collings Knight Jr. and his wife Marie Lousie Lebel. Construction originally began in October of 1922. Three years and approximately $385,000 later, they moved into their sound front “cottage”.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Knight were avid waterfowl hunters. The location in Corolla on the sound was perfect. Corolla and Duck were both once known as premier waterfowl hunting grounds. The brazen architecture makes the Whalehead Club something to behold.

The Art Nouveau Architecture was something completely out of the ordinary for the Outer Banks. The home has five majestic chimney’s and a unique copper shingled roof. After years passed and the Whalehead Club began to deteriorate the County of Currituck purchased it in 1992 and began the restoration. Currently the Whalehead Club and its grounds are managed by the Whalehead Preservation Trust.